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Oscars 2020 Winners
Parasite won big at the Oscars.
Best picture, Best director, Best original screenplay,
Best international feature
Table BBQ
Pyoung Chang Winter Olympic Mascot
Visiting by Pyoung Chang Winter Olympic Mascot
Kim's Convenience Actor Paul Lee
PSY visiting at Arisu
Arisu Patio
Let's go Toronto Blue Jays
Happy Canada Day
Stone Pot Bibimbap
Beef or Veggie
Spicy Sashimi Bibimbap
Shabu Shabu
Hot Pot with Special Dipping Sauce, Sliced Beef, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Rice Cake, Udon Noodle
Aburi Oshi Sushi
Osaka style pressed & torched sushi with salmon, and other various topping with special Arisu sauce on top
Bulgogi Stone Pot
Thinly Sliced Beef Marinated in Arisu Sauce. Served on a Stone pot
Salmon & Veggie Stone Pot
Ssambap (Beef or Pork)
Specially prepared Steamed Rice served
with various Vegetable Wraps and Meat
Pork Belly Set
250g of Pork Belly, Korean Steamed Egg Custard, Rice, Ssam (Veggie Wrap)
CBC interview
Organic Soon Tofu
Choice of Kimchi Pork/Beef/Seafood/
Veggie Soon Tofu (Certified Organic)
Korean Fried Chicken
Arisu’s Famous Fried Chicken with Crispy Batter
in Korean Style
Party Room
Korean Seafood Pancake
Korean Seafood Pancake with Green Onion & Seafood
Oishii Combo for Two
- Dancing Volcano Roll
- Aburi Oshi Sushi
- Wakame Salad
- Sweet & Spicy Chicken
- Assorted Tempura
Memories of Osaka Combo
Smiling Geisha Maki Roll
Tempura Udon Noodle
Grass Fed Black Angus Rib Eye Dinner
Cherry Blossom Salmon Lovers
- Salmon Sushi 4 pcs
- Salmon Sashimi 3 pcs
- Spicy Salmon Crunch Roll
Taste of Arisu for Share
- Seoul Style Sweet & Spicy Chicken
- Seafood Pancake
- LA Style Short Rib Galbi (8pcs)
- Assorted Sushi 8 pcs
- Dancing Volcano Roll
1st Birthday Party Table Decoration
Grass Fed Black Angus
Locally Raised (Collingwood, ON)
Grass Fed, No Antibiotics, No Growth Hormone,
Aged 21+ Days, Lightly Seasoned
Gourmet Beef Combo
Taste of Seoul Combo
Black Angus BBQ & Sushi Combo
Hickory Smoked Salmon Tataki
Kimchi Bulgogi Stone Pot
Garlic Beef Noodle Stone Pot
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Stone Pot Bibimbap

Beef or Veggie